Insurance & Payments

We are San Francisco's premier dental office, offering  first-class, personal, and compassionate dental care that is focused on each individual.  Patients appreciate the calm and respectful one-on-one experience they have at our practice. We schedule all patients individually. We do not double-book our schedule, and we are not a "discount" and not a "high-volume" office.  

We accept and process most private insurance plans. We are currently in-network with the PPO plans from Aetna, Cigna, Delta Dental and Guardian.  We are happy to process claims for all other major carriers such as Humana, MetLife, United Healthcare, etc.  Keep in mind that it's not always whether you're in or out of network, but it's what your plan covers.  As a professional courtesy, we contact yoru insurance provider and gather as much information as possible to help you understand your coverage.  Patients and families with other plans are always welcome as "fee for service." We will collect full payment from you at the time of service, and we will submit all the insurance forms needed for your reimbursement.   

For everyone, our goal is a positive clinical experience, while still maintaining reasonable fees for the first-class service we provide. Any final co-payments will depend on the insurance coverage you have independently selected or purchased.  Most insurance plans only partially cover white fillings or aesthetic white crowns. Co-payments are common for these procedures. Co-payments or charges for any uncovered services will be collected on the day of the service.  Final insurance payments may take months to fully process, and may be different from co-pay treatment estimates our office creates.  Sometimes this requires financial adjustments be made months after an appointment. 

Broken Appointment Policy

We respect your time, yet we do have a few basic rules for making and attending appointments.

Your time is important, and we will be ready to serve you at a mutually agreed upon day and time. Unlike many medical and dental offices, we do not double book our schedule. This allows you to receive focused and attentive care, but requires everyone be on-time.  

When unexpected events interfere with scheduled appointments:

  • For appointments that are suddenly cancelled or rescheduled to another day by our office with less than a 2-business day notice to you, we offer you a $100 office credit to your account (to be used toward future charges).  Similarly, we offer this credit if we have made you wait in our waiting room for more than 40 minutes past your scheduled appointment time, if you were properly on time.
  • Fee: Appointments that are broken by patients with less than a 2-business day notice - for any reason, including sudden illness, traffic, or forgetfulness - there will be a $100 fee per hour per scheduled patient (e.g. a one-and-a-half-hour appointment would incur a $150 broken appointment fee). This pays for a portion of the staff and office space we have reserved for that patient.  Similarly, arriving late for an appointment may prevent our team from properly treating you to the full expectation outlined in your treatment plan for the day, and the appointment may be considered broken.
  • Reservations: All appointments reserved for three or more hours in length require a down payment totaling the above potential broken appointment fee of $100 per hour (e.g. a three hour appointment would require a $300 reservation down payment).  The down payment would be lost if the appointment is cancelled, missed or rescheduled by our office with less than a 2-business day notice.
  • A patient who breaks the first office appointment with us is invited to pursue a relationship with another dental office.
  • Exceptions to these rules will be made for large scale natural disasters, such as earthquakes and city-wide power outages.

Hopefully you agree that these rules are fair, and remind all of us to treat each other with basic courtesy and respect.