Let's Take a Look at Those Teeth Way in the Back

Walk through your mouth with intraoral technology and see the unseen! Most of us cant really see what is going on in our mouths because it is a very small, and shadowed area. What we dont know is that many situations and conditions in the mouth and painless and not always visible to the naked eye. The intraoral camera is a fascinating innovation in dentistry that allows the client and our clinicians to look deep into the mouth and observe the teeth at a very close angle. This wand like camera which transfers images to a computer screem, can see so close to a tooth that it can see mini fractures, chips, secondary decay, wear down of the teeth, damaged and broken fillings and crowns and even gum disease.  The intraoral camera is a wonderful educational tool for patients so they can learn about their mouths to help them on their journey to overall dental wellness.